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INNOVATIVE KOREA 2019 Global Korea Scolars

Mentors from leading public and private sectors mentoring GKS Scholars and Alumni fellows to become future startup creators and future leaders

Globalization has been a huge factor in South Korea’s growth and economic success. Modern Korea is a leader in many industries around the world. As a leading area of Korea, Gangnam District's Global Village Center organizing event for direct information from TOP organizations in Korea


Mentors with strong connections in the industry and the ecosystem. High potential to open multiple doors for each others.

SparkLabs Demoday is the world's largest demoday event featuring game-changing startups, new technologies and innovations, and discussions on the latest issues and trends from leaders in technology, media and telecommunications. This is a must-see event where you will meet some of the leading entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, media and government people all interested in innovation and change.

SparkLabs is proud to be GAN (Global Accelerator Network), a highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors. We create opportunities for startups around the world to access the human and financial capital they need.

Korea Productivity Center is Korea's largest training and consulting agency. With a firm belief that only productivity improvement will lead to a better tomorrow KPC has been devoted to improving the productivity, and now KPC has grown to be an organization trusted by customers. Not satisfied with our past of being the first consulting firm in Korea and the top industrial educational institution in Korea, KPC will develop with our customers with a sense of mission and constant challenge to build a better tomorrow and happier Korea than today. The Korea Productivity Center(KPC) was established in 1957 to encourage the productivity improvement of the industrial world efficiently and systematically. Established to contribute to national economic development by improving national, corporate and individual productivity, KPC has contributed to the increase of the national competitiveness and has been developed along with the Korean economy.

"Innova Innovation Company"​ is the leader management / consulting firm in the region for transformation of public-private organizations to innovation generators. With its following projects it plays an important role in the social-economic development of nations:

-Startup Innova / development of innovative SMEs;

-Corporate Innova / development of cooperatives like startup;

-Social Hub / development of social innovations;

-Green Incubator / development of green tech-agro entrepreneurship;


Specially selected people by Korean Government( National Institute for International Education) who has been studied in top universities in Korea and planning to stay longer term in Korea.

They are willing to become a leading members of global communities in Korea.

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