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INNOVATIVE KOREA 2020 Startup Market Korea

Korean market focused expert mentoring future startup challenger fellows and future leaders about " Where and how to start new business?"


Mentor with strong connections in the industry and the ecosystem. High potential to open multiple doors for each others.

Expat for 12+ years in South Korea experienced in the international trade and development industry. Skilled in Facilitation, Administration, International Relations,Strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in Startups and Management.

Experienced in Immigration settlement programs from visas to investment and a certified lecturer for Early settlement program at the Ministry of Justice In South Korea.

A big believer that exchange between South Korea and the MENA region can result in great investment and development opportunities for both parties.

Awarded a grant from Korea Tourism Organization to establish a bridge company specializing in Incentive tours, hospitality , MICE , tech programs, CEOs and investors training programs from and to Korea.

Always happy to share, help and facilitate exchanges both ways.


Specially selected people by INNOVATIVE KOREA Team, who has been studied in top universities in the world or highly motivated to create a startup in Korea and planning to stay longer term in Korea and expand their businesses to the world.

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