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Idea to Startup Challenge by INNOVATIVE KOREA 2020

Innovative Korea announces " Idea To Startup challenge".

A challenge organized by us and backed up by the Global Startup Immigration center.

If you don't know how to write business plan IT IS OK!!!

If you have any idea and you don't know how to start or where to start, apply, and let's take your idea further.

Event Name: INNOVATIVE KOREA 2020 Idea to Start-up Aim of Program: Helping expats, who have ideas but don't know where to start

Who can join: Anyone, who is living in Korea and has business idea How many people can join: Max 25 people

Application Deadline: September 14th(Mon) 9:00 AM Program Orientation: September 18th(Fri) 6:00 PM~7:30 PM Program Duration: 4 Days{ September 19th(Sat) & 20th( Sun) & 26th(Sat) Closing Ceremony: September 27th(Sun)

What to expect: Understanding Korean society & immigration control law, Finding invention ideas, Sharing the ideas and presentation, Upgrade the ideas, Understanding of business management and tax system, Understanding and practice of target marketing, Understanding of related policies including small business start-up support, etc., Practice of presentation before investors and shareholders

Benefits: - Free educational program for all selected participants, - Certificates of Completion of Program from Innovative Korea for all selected participants - Special prizes for the TOP selected ideas

Korean market business specialists guiding future creative startup creator fellows about "A to Z, How to create startup, how to write business plan, how to enter Korean market and how to develop ideas in better direction etc. to become future expat startup founder and future leader

Globalization has been a huge factor in South Korea’s growth and economic success. Modern Korea is a leader in many industries around the world. As the biggest expat community in Korea INNOVATIVE KOREA organizing unique Idea to Startup Challenge.


Mentors with strong connections in the industry and the ecosystem. High potential to open multiple doors for each others.

INNOVATIVE KOREA is a real-time experience-based organization, that serves as the first point of contact for expats as startup founders, business founders, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, diplomats, students, and other foreign residents, to facilitate for expats starting their projects and contribute to the development of South Korea through commercial activities. Therefore cooperating with the government and private entities to introduce programs and startup centers to help them with planning, executing, and open chances to everyone equally. Establishing a sustainable business in South Korea might be overwhelming by regulations, however, the Korean government is trying to create more favorable and expat-friendly programs to help everyone achieve their goals in and out of the peninsula. Our activities cover a number of those programs and guide from  A to Z to make it simple, easy to understand and proceed for every expat regardless of nationality, background, or color.

Idea to Startup Challenge classes fully conducted in English:

-Orientation -Understanding of immigration laws and regulations

-Basic understanding of Korean society

-Introduction to intellectual property systems

-Finding invention ideas

-Understanding patent system

-Upgrade ideas

-Advanced understanding of Korean society 3

-Understanding of business management and tax system

-Practice of real estate

-Understanding and practice of target marketing

-Theory and practice of business plan writing method

-Understanding of related policies including small business start-up support, etc.

-Understanding of start-up and business management

-Practice of presentation before investors and shareholders

Last day of program Challengers going to have chance to introduce their ideas and get some prizes from Innovative Korea.

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